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Assad Shoman Delivers history lesson and BPM not credible

The Belize Peace Movement may be new to politics as an organization, and possibly former Foreign Minister Assad Shoman may not have heard of its members. But they have definitely heard of his books “Guatemala’s Claim to Belize, the Definitive History” and his 1994 publication “13 Chapters of Belize”. Though the astute historian and former politician may be domiciled in Havana, his message has always been firmly rooted in Belize. Since the BPM has publically spoken about deficiencies in the 1859 Treaty that he doesn’t see, for good measure Shoman named dropped a list of experts who addressed the legal opinions on Belize and concluded they history lesson by saying the BPM is not credible.

Assad Shoman: “This thing has been studied over many many years. The fact is that we have had ourselves Belize for example, we have two legal opinions we have commission: one in 1978 and one in 2007 and both of incidentally included Sir Elihu Laterpack. The second one also included a recent president of the ICJ, it included one of the highest recognized experts on Treaty law from Israel called Shab Tia Rosam and it included a very distinguished Latin American information from Chile. Guatemala also itself commissioned at the time probably the most renowned  judge of the United States of America called Manley Hopkins and since then has commissioned other lawyers to give an opinion on this case and all of these that I have questioned unanimously said that the 1859 Treaty is a solid treaty, it’s’ a boundary Treaty, the issue about Article 7 not having been complied or not has nothing to do with the resolution of the question as to the boundaries so defined in the treaty and they have all concluded that those boundaries cannot change anything that Guatemala is up so now we have a group of Belizean’s saying that we found more deficient in that treaty that Guatemala itself now because of course Guatemala had to submit all the evidence and all the issues it had to these lawyers to advise them, I don’t think it’s credible that’s all and I am not going to spend hours not looking at and I am just saying look at those facts that I have stated and tell me how you believe.”