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Assitant Commander of Operations says 13 weapons were taken from Streets in 1 week

The COMPOL and the department had good reason to be upset about the burglary at Victor L. Bryant. If it wasn’t for the officer on duty who saw the initial suspect, enough bullets would have flooded the streets and easily topped the murder rate per capita. However, yesterday the Assistant Commander of Operations Marco Vidal told us that the department had confiscated 13 guns from February fourth to the tenth.

Sr. Superintendent Marco Vidal Assistant Commissioner of Operations: “13 firearms were seized by the Police. Forty seven .62 rounds of ammunition, forty four 9mm, fourteen 5.56, ten 12 gauge cartridges, seven .38 rounds, three .23 rounds of ammunition and seven .38 as well. These were operations that were done countrywide. Of these seizures 6 persons were arrested and charged for firearm related offenses: 5 Belizeans and one Guatemalan national. However a breakdown shows that 8 of these firearms were seized in Belize City comprising of three 9mm pistols, two .38 pistols, two .38 revolvers, one .223 rifle. Three persons were arrested and charged for keeping unlicensed firearm and four of these firearms were deposited as found property in Belize City. These were operations that our intelligence led to operations. If you observe most of the operations were combined teams that conducted the operations. The drugs and firearms were concealed in open lots and sometimes even trees and the reason is that they know that the Police is going to searching their homes and even if they find these in those open lots they know that we would not  be able to trace it to them however we have in fact looked at these things and we are ensuring that these items are processed at the scene and they are subsequently submitted to the forensic laboratory for testing.”