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Assoc. of Clinical Laboratory Science in solidarity with nurses

The Association of Clinical Laboratory Science says that it is standing in solidarity with the nation’s nurses, a day after the frontline workers demonstrated in the cities and towns. The association, which represents medical lab scientists and technologists, says that the working conditions are much to be desired and (quote) “has been declining for a long time…and nothing has been done to fix it.” (Unquote) The association’s spokeswoman, Zarsha Robinson-Thompson says that the deep-rooted issues directly impact the quality of service the health system provides. 

Zarsha Robinson-Thompson, Public Relations, Assoc. of Clinical Laboratory: “We are standing in solidarity with the nurses. We support them entirely but we’re also piggybacking that it’s not only the nurses. It’s all of us in health care. We are struggling with, now a lot of us have, or a lot of them because I’m private, have gotten the increments but not everybody has gotten the increments and an issue is that we have sacrificed so much for after being, or while being the frontline people being exposed to all these hazards that the public don’t see, don’t feel. But, we’re the first persons feeling it. We have limited resources. We have to work with limited resources which is frustrating when we’re trying to give out accurate and adequate healthcare to our community. Also with some of our salaries not getting our overtime. We are overworked. We are stressed. We are underpad also and not paying us. Along with the public we do feel the constraints of the higher gas prices, the increase in grocery costs, the increase in everything. So, of course we’re frustrated with not getting the overtime that we need and so what we think moving forward would be necessary is: 1. That they pay us. That they give us the infrastructure that we need. The adequate infrastructure not just, oh give us something this month and for the next three months we don’t have what we need. Maintain that. Healthcare should, along with defence, should be one of the top line that the Government should focus on. If you don’t have healthy people then you don’t have people to defend the country.” 

The association’s release goes on to say that while the association’s members love their job and try to do the best job they can, they’ve been (quote) “improvising with different resources and materials to provide a service to the communities we serve; and this must stop” (Unquote) The release is also calling on the Government to quote “see our worth and treat us with the respect earned”, adding that it has tried to dialogue with the administration at the different regions and nothing has been done. We asked Thompson whether these unresolved challenges drive some of the country’s best healthcare practitioners away from home. Here’s what she had to say.

Zarsha Robinson-Thompson, Public Relations, Assoc. of Clinical Laboratory: The association has made note of it but when it comes to medical technologists and medical scientists, we do not experience that. But we do notice it with our nurse colleagues. It’s unfortunate but we understand and we shouldn’ be in a position where we understand. It should be no, we want you here. We should be fighting and supporting those who, we’re supposed to make sure that they get adequate of everything that they need when they’re here so that we stay home. Many times we hear of short of staff and having short of staff means that everybody who is there, I know a lot of times they complain that us as healthcare professionals, we are miserable or grumpy or we don’t treat people properly but imagine when you’re burnt out. You’re tired. You’re stressed. You’re not getting the money that you need and people come in and yes you want to give them your best but your best went 10 hours ago before you even got on shift. So, it does hinder the population and it does hinder us.”