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At Risk Youth Learning Robotics Through the DYS and LIU

Another initiative coming out of the crime-fighting strategy is the restructuring of what was once known as the Conscious Youth Development Program (CYDP). The facility, located at mile twenty-one of the George Price Highway has since been renamed with new objectives and indicators. As a matter of fact, Director Cadle explained that the participants in that program are currently learning robotics.

Kevin Cadle, Director, Dept. of Youth Services: You know that at mile 21, we had the National Cadet Core Program. We have transitioned that program now to that institution being the Central Regional Youth Training Institute looking specifically at information technology and robotics. So we’re working along with the OAS and the US Government to start a robotics institution at that facility for our young men and young women as well, so we’re pushing that. It is going to be specifically geared towards the Centre for Employment Training. We know now that the University of Belize along with the OAS and the Department of Youth Services is currently training 100 young people in information technology, graphic design, as well as how to build computer games and how to build apps. That’s happening currently as we speak. We’re getting ready to push that one and that is coming through the same Central. The Western Regional Youth Training Institute, which was the 4H, is geared toward more agriculture and tourism. We’re looking specifically from the labour market index and we’re looking at what that index is saying and where jobs are needed the most for our young people. So we were critical about assessments, about getting key information and having data that we know could provide rich information as to how we could serve our people.”