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Athletes Arrive in Belize for CODICADER 2016

Over a thousand team members and technical staff were to come in today for the CODICADER Games but there has been a drop in attendance.  Ritchel Dominguez, Director of National Sports Council says they have not met their budget as yet.


“We can’t say that we are short financially right now, what we can say is that we have not, the budget that we have set we have not reached it yet so what we’ll look at at this time is see where we can make additional cuts. We know Guatemala is out, we have other countries not bringing their full contingencies and different things like that and that is what we need to find out today in what contingents are on the ground before we can say what we are doing because some of the hotels we have booked them tentatively and maybe we were supposed to use 20 rooms we will only use 15 so we believe in that area we can make up for our shortfalls.”

Dominguez spoke of accommodations for the teams and sponsorships they have received so far.


“We haven’t got much from hotels we have paid them their prices but we have gotten sponsorships from ASR, WASA, BTL and now we are getting from Social Security so we are getting there, we are still waiting for a few calls to come in to see where we are in getting this thing running and we know at the end of the day we will be successful.”

With a budget of eight hundred thousand dollars, Dominguez says the budget has gone lower but they are confident that they will gather all the funds they need.


“At the get go it was $800,000 it has been minimized and it is getting smaller as the day goes by. I know that everyone wants to know the final number but lets look at it stay positive and know we are going to finish it off in great spirits and know that we are going to be successful.”

Games officially begin tomorrow as well as the open ceremony at the Marion Jones Stadium.