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Athletes recognize for their remarkable accomplishments

Belize is producing a set of athletes that are defying the odds and making us proud. Belize finished atop their group for the 2020 CONCACAF U-17 Women Championship qualifier, which took place in Barbados from August 21 to August 25. Meanwhile the U-15 male football team captured gold at the Codicader games, which took place from August 18 to August 23 in Honduras. These athletes were honoured by the Football Federation of Belize and the National Sports Council at the Marion Jones Stadium today.  Ian Jones, the Director of the National Sports Council, was ecstatic about the athletes’ accomplishments.

Ian Jones, Director, National Sports Council

Ian Jones, Director, National Sports Council: For the first time in the history of us sending out CODICADER delegations it is the first time in anything football to Belize we were successful in Central America in capturing a gold medal. We defeated the big countries like Honduras and the finals we played Panama and to be honest when I got the news we were playing Panama in the finals I was a little Doubting Thomas because Panama has one of the best development programs in the region but also with our representation being from the Belmopan Football Association from the jump I said Belmopan has one of our better football programs in Belize, they I think start from the age of eight right up until seniors. You know achieving that this is a once in my lifetime that I have seen it in at any level in football that we’ve captured a gold medal. It’s the first time ever in any level in female football that we were able to top our group in a CONCACAF qualifier so they have actually advanced to the next group for the CONCACAF U20 World Cup.”
Love news got an opportunity to speak with the athletes who shared their remarkable achievements.
Tayshaun Meighan, U-15 Team

Tayshaun Meighan, U-15 Team: For sure Panama, they were the biggest in size, they were physically big and muscular but we all had different technical abilities and our advantage was that we play the ball on the floor and they are more in the air so that’s how we won against them. First it was Nicaragua then we played Guatemala, Honduras and then in the finals we met Panama.
Katie Jones, U-17 Team

Katie Jones, U-17 Team: “We wanted to make history and we went with the mentality that we were going to win and make our country proud. I learned to play football with my cousins when I was so small in the village of San Antonio.”
Katie Jones, who played mid-field on Belize’s U-17 football team, scored four goals against St. Kitts and Nevis and two goals against US Virgin Islands. Belize will now advance to the next level.