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Atlantic International Bank says it has done nothing wrong

Yesterday, Atlantic International Bank spoke up regarding the major Sanctuary Belize scam, saying that they have done nothing wrong.  The Federal Trade Commission in the United States has fingered Atlantic International Bank in a civil complaint.  The FTC had only just shut down the real estate scam via a Federal District Court in Maryland, USA after over one thousand persons were duped into investing in this piece of paradise that has rarely seen any actual developments.  The complaint filed by the FTC is saying that Atlantic International aided and facilitated in the violations of the telemarketing sales rules.  In its statement issued yesterday, the bank noted, quote, “The Board of Directors and Management of AIBL deny any allegation of wrongdoing by AIBL. AIBL enjoys a record as a good corporate citizen and trusted partner to its primarily non – resident customer base. AIBL has worked tirelessly to develop its reputation as a sound and responsible partner in Belize development….AIBL reserves all of its rights and will defend its customers and its interests as it did not engage in wrongdoing.”  AIBL has retained attorneys in Belize and the US.  Meanwhile, the Atlantic Bank Limited has clarified that it is a separate entity from Atlantic International and that there are no ownership links with Atlantic International since 2011.  In one of our recent newscasts, we told brought you an interview with one of the investors in the Sanctuary Belize development.  She lost one million Belize dollars in this project.  There are many more like her who have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Belizean attorney, Steven Perrera is representing one of those investors who won his case in court but has yet to collect any monies and now Perrera is seeking enforcement of the court order.  While many are trying to get back their monies, the US accounts for Atlantic International Bank has now been frozen; it is a move that could essentially affect business sectors including attorneys.

Steve Perera Attorney: “Central Bank requires that all funds in respect to purchasing a property be paid into a Belize dollar account here in the country of Belize. Unfortunately what we have happen is that quite a number of these developments have funds being paid over a period of time like those installment payments and they are having these installment payments being made to the US. Now it becomes a problem when you have a situation where you have a local company selling to a foreign national because that requires permission from the Central Bank for the transfer to take place.However for these type of developments that have been collecting monthly payments for the past year two years, those buyers have great difficulty in getting their title because when they go to Central Bank they cant prove that all the funds for the purchase including the installment payments were being made into a Belize dollar account and this is the case that we have in respect to this matter as well. We are saying that the defendants are not able to transfer the property to us or to our client based on the fact that installment payments were asked to be paid outside of the jurisdiction and so we are in the process which is a bit difficult to get the Central Bank approval for that purchase to take place. They have paid these monthly installments in US dollars to a foreign account when our laws require that it be paid into a Belize local account.”

We will keep following this story.