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Atlantic Starr’s David Lewis in Belize for Benefit Concert

A former member of the group, Atlantic Starr and a former fashion model of the US arrived in Belize today for a benefit concert scheduled to take place on Friday night in Dangriga Town.  The couple, David and Marian Lewis no longer works in the secular music and fashion industry and have chosen to establish their own religious ministry dubbed, Into the Light.  Love News was at the airport to meet them and we got an opportunity to get a brief history of the couple and how their life transitioned.


“I’m a former member of the group, Atlantic Starr but right now,  currently, my wife and I have a ministry called, ‘Into the Light Ministries and we go from place to place domestically and all around the world telling our story about being in the music and fashion industries from the 70s to the 90s and how God brought us out of that. I was brought up in the church from ever since I could walk, before I could talk I was brought up in the church and always loved music and was influenced by some of the American artists like The Supremes, the Temptations the Beetles and different people and throughout the years.  These people had a great influence on me and all, as I was being brought up in the church I always wanted to be an entertainer. In high school I joined a band with my brother and after high school I just was going through a fast forward. I went out to LA and joined my brothers who were out there and we made a demo tape for the record companies while we were playing in all the different clubs and stuff in Los Angeles. After about a year we were able to land a deal with a company called A&M Records but like I said, being brought up in the church it was always in me to have that sense of God in my life and when my wife and I got married we got spiritual counsel because my brother, who was in the group, Atlantic Star was married also and he told me, “Dave, you guys need to get counseled because God is the only one who is going to keep you together”.  So, once we got to spiritual counsel, what happened is with the same pastor who counseled us, we started going to his church and one thing led to another and before we knew it we were back in the church and I’m glad it happened.”

Lewis spoke to us about the music he now produces and how different it is from when he was performing songs like, Secret Lovers, among others.


“We do songs like our biggest, “Always”, because it’s about marriage and family and all the things that God instituted but as far as themes about sex and different themes we don’t sing about that kind of thing anymore; we sing about the gospel and the good news of Christ.  So, yes it’s a whole different life and whole different world for us.”


“But you do realize that Secret Lovers is one of your biggest hits?”


“Yes, I do and it’s interesting because when I look back, although Secret Lovers wasn’t a song that was promoting adultery or anything it was just talking about what people are doing out there, those are not the kinds of things that I would do or sing about in my life now but yeah the songs are still big all over the world.”


“It still plays on our radio station practically every day.”


“Oh really?  Well, it just goes to show you that people can identify with what that song is talking about and that’s what makes songs popular, people connect with them.”

Lewis’ is being accompanied by his wife, Marian Lewis, who also told us about her transition from a model and singer to the head of a ministry.

MARIAN LEWISMarian Lewis 2

“I was a high fashion model and that’s what I did forever and then I met David when I was auditioning for the group, Atlantic Starr; that is how we met and that’s actually a huge part of our testimony – how we came together thinking that we were coming together for one reason being music and business and we ended up falling in love. I tell people all the time, even though I didn’t get the job with Atlantic Starr, I got David and then God always has a plan and it’s just really amazing how he’s working around us. He brought us together, we fell in love, he turned our hearts away from the things that we were doing and set our hearts and sights on him and I know sometimes people can’t really understand that, some people don’t believe it they’re like, ‘how do you leave fame and money and glamour, how do you leave that?’  But something happens when the Holy Spirit tells you that, ‘I have work for you’.  And that’s what happened with David and I. The Lord spoke into our hearts and slowly I left the fashion industry, David walked away from the industry that he was in for over 17 years with his brothers, his own brothers. It’s wonderful because as a family we’re united, his brothers understand the work that we’re doing, they are very supportive in the work that we’re doing.  We even have a whole family ministry and we do youth retreats; as a matter of fact when we leave here and go back home on our property and our land, young people will come from all walks of life and we’ll do a retreat and it’s uplifting and encouraging  and inspiring and that’s why we believe we were created because just like with Deborah, God has such a big mission for the young people, people who are hurting, people who are hopeless and this is what I believe God has called us to do, to just go out and tell a love story. This is what we do. We tell people where we were in life, where God found us and where he has brought us to.”

Marian spoke to us on the benefits of the transition their life and career have taken.


“The thing is the Bible says that you have to taste and see that the Lord is good and it’s not until people sit and come and they’ll sit and listen and they’ll hear the story and first of all it’s just unbelievable because it doesn’t make sense to the natural man; it just doesn’t make sense but I think that once people sit and they hear the story and they hear the words of the songs and the words, they do something to the heart, they change your life. It’s like David used to tell me all the time when I do these concerts when I was in the world he said I gave people “45 minutes of entertainment” but they left the same way they came but now that God comes in because God wants to save everybody he said that he doesn’t want to perish and that everyone should have everlasting life and so to share that good news and good story it gives people hope and I think that’s the thing people need to hear it. A lot of time people think “religion religion” it’s not religion, it’s your protection, it’s everything you’ve always wanted but you just didn’t know that you got it from that one source. We think we get the things from the world and that brings us happiness.  Atlantic Starr 1David was in the world for over 17 years with his brothers, money, girls screaming and running after him; there was no joy in that, there was no peace in that and you had the number one record in the world, ‘Always’ and it’s playing and it’s at the top of the charts but at the end of the day now he’s got to try and make another hit and another hit because you know how they say you’re only as good as your last hit but when it comes to the things, the spiritual things it doesn’t matter because it’s all about people. Now it’s all about your heart and what I can do for you because people are hurting and we want to just be a light in a dark place and thus the name of our ministry “Into the light”.”


The couple will be performing at the Benefit Concert in Dangriga and in Belize City for a Love Foundation concert.