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Attacker Nabbed Following Brief Police Chase

Ernesto Robinson, a fifty-seven year old taxi driver escaped death after he was attacked and his vehicle hijacked last night. His assailant, who police did not name today, has been detained pending charges. That individual stopped Robinson at the corner of Western and Ordonez Avenue around 8:20 last night, police say. He entered the vehicle and proceeded to attack Robinson with a knife. ACP Chester Williams, Commander of the Eastern Division South told the media how the police managed to capture Robinson’s assailant.


“He was cut to the throat and the face. The person then took the car and managed to escape. The police quickly responded and pursued the vehicle and the vehicle overturned between mile 13 and 14 on the George Price Highway. Police searched the area and they found the culprit and he is currently in custody. I will not say his name because we still need to do an identification parade and he is in custody and hopefully between today and tomorrow he will be charged for the robbery against Mr. Robinson.”

Robinson’s injuries were not life threatening and he was admitted at the hospital for observation. The individual who was detained is reportedly from San Ignacio.