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Attempted abduction in the North

Tonight there are many reports circulating of kidnappings, attempted kidnappings or abductions.  Our reporters have reached out to several law enforcement officials who have denied any truth to those reports.  Yet, the messages keep coming in especially from out west of multiple incidents.  Recently, there were reports coming out of the north about an attempted abduction which Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett addressed at today’s press brief.

ACP Joseph Myvette, HEAD NCIB: “As a result they got scared and ran off towards their home which in the process they observed another person who was closer their home inside the bushes. Police did launch an investigation into this matter and so far a statement was recorded from the eight year old in the presence of her mother. I must say that it is a good thing that the children were alert but the investigation has not disclosed any  offence committed as at no point were these children approached by either of those persons. However the matter is still being looked at in an effort to try and identify who this person was that was walking behind them. Since it is a public concern we decided to address the issue anyway and I must say that it is good that the children were alert as to their surroundings.”

Myvett explained that at no time had the children been spoken to or approached by the men.  Love News reminds all residents that it is important to inform the proper authorities of any incident so that it can be placed on record and investigated.