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Attempted Kidnapping of Minor

The next incident which occurred in Belize City is equally disturbing. The Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Branch for Belize City, ASP Alejandro Cowo says there was a coordinated attack between a man on a bicycle and another man in a car to kidnap a fifteen-year-old minor on La Croix Boulevard.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Sometime after 3pm a minor was walking on Holy Emmanuel heading towards La Foye Blvd. Whilst she was walking a vehicle stop about four feet away from here and the back door of the vehicle was open. There were persons who was riding a  bicycle on the same side where she was and just push her inside of the vehicle and the vehicle sped away with the minor inside of the vehicle. She began screaming and she was threatened by the only persons inside of the car who was the driver with a machete. She was driven to Homeland Memorial where the person demanded for her to take off her clothes but whilst he went to open the door the female managed to open the door and ran and ask for assistance. Fortunately she returned safe.”

Reporter: “Did she ever describe the kidnapper?”

ASp Alejandro Cowo: “She gave  a description of the driver and of the vehicle. It is a white four door vehicle heavily tinted. Well I know that this one isn’t something that she had made up. We have other things to cooperate what she has said and that is what we are following up at this moment. It is something for each parent to have in mind to be careful as to when they send their children alone or you know if you are sending someone always to be on the lookout for them not to send them at a very far distance you cannot have a look at them. You stand up on the street side to see your son or daughter is going to you know.”

No one has been detained but the police department is following all leads into the incident.