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Attempted Murder suspect arrested by the police

On Tuesday night after 8 pm, fifty seven year old Frank Arnold was viciously stabbed on Neals Pen Road Extension. The incident was witnessed by several persons including a family member. Today, the police department revealed that the attacker, identified as 29 year old Ronald Flowers has been charged for several crimes including attempted murder. Assistant Superintendent of Police, Alejandro Cowo says that the court will determine if Flowers is mentally fit to stand trial for attempted murder.

A.S.P. Alejandro Cowo: Head C.I.B.: “Mr. Frank Arnold 67-year-old Belizean was riding his bicycle on Neals Penn Road when he was attacked by a male person who was identified as Ronald Flowers. As a result, Ronald Flowers inflicted stab wounds to Mr. Arnold where he was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. Based on that report police conducted an investigation and on yesterday’s date, Ronald Flowers was charged for the crime of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm and dangerous harm. Mr. Flowers is still admitted in a critical condition at the hospital. What we understand is that he was riding his bicycle and he was attacked by the male person, there was no discussion amongst them and it was just an attack. What we understand is that he does visit the clinic at Fabers Road on a daily basis to obtain medication but however, we have nothing to certify that he is a mental patient. We mentioned that he does get his medication on a daily basis however we know that whenever he goes to the court that the Magistrate orders for an evaluation to be conducted on the person. The doctor can certify if he can be a person who is fit to stand trial. That has to go through a process where the doctor will be conducting an evaluation on him.”

Cowo says that Flowers did not give a statement to the police. He was interviewed and he was charged because he seemed to have reasoning and understood what was being said to him.