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Attempted robbery in Ladyville Village

A businessman is recuperating from injuries he sustained during an attempted robbery. Thirty-eight year old, Guang Quan Chen was inside his store in Ladyville Village on Saturday night when he was attacked. ASP Alejandro Cowo shared the details.

 ASP Alejandro Cowo: Mr. Chen was inside of his business shop Guang Ying located on #10 Mirage Rd. He was inside of the shop when two male persons covering their face entered. One of them approached the counter; the outside counter and pushed his hand from an outside window through the burglar bar and demanded money. As a result apparently the male person fired two shots injuring Mr. Chen to the chin and to the back. They after made good their escape. Mr. Chen is at the hospital at this moment in a critical but a stable condition.

According to Cowo although nothing was stolen, a statement has still not yet been taken from Chen due to his injuries.

 ASP Alejandro Cowo: Up to this present moment we have not been able to interview him because of the state of his condition. Especially the injury that he has to the chin is not allowing him to have good communication.

As police investigations are ongoing, security cameras in the surrounding areas have been viewed, however due to how the men were dressed, they have not been identified.