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Attorney Audrey Matura Comments on the Alexis Rosado Case

Accusations of rape and child abuse levied against former Ambassador of the European Union Alexis Rosado have shocked the country. The disgraced diplomat was charged on Wednesday with one count of rape, one count of sexual assault, and six counts of aggravated assault. The virtual complainant has alleged that the sexual abuse began when she was thirteen years old. Rosado was offered and met bail of five thousand dollars plus two sureties of the same amount. His case was adjourned to July. Attorney Audrey Matura has handled several cases of this nature and speaking on the law, Matura explained that there is no statute of limitation on these matters.

Audrey Matura, Attorney-at-Law: “People need to understand that there is no statute of limitations for rape, and rape has to be of a person that is of the age of consent, and by our law, 16 and up is when you can give consent to sexual intercourse. That the law really tries to reflect what’s reality in life, and one of the realities in life when it comes to sexual offences is that you will not immediately report. Seldom, people ever report immediately, and you also have to understand that, umm, with rape and any other sexual offence, or major sexual offence, the crime is such a severe nature that the law recognizes that victims usually take time to process it, because they go through a sense of guilt, of fear, of being judged. They go through denial. They feel ashamed, a whole lot of things. One of the bigger issues right now, Hipolito, based on the discourse from members in the public, is that they do not understand that there’s no statute of limitations. Not for child abuse, not for rape, not for murder. Serious offences don’t have a statute of limitations, and the reason for that is two-fold. Usually, in the cases of sexual offences, the victims take a long, long time before they report it. It’s really hard to process, and unless you’ve been a victim of any form of sexual assault, you will not know what it takes. I wish people understand there’s no limitations, and I would advise any woman out there, It’s never too late to go after your perpetrator.”

In related news, police have issued a wanted poster for Francis Nolberto. The Belize City resident is being sought by the Domestic Violence Unit Eastern Division on an arrest warrant for sexual assault of a child. If you have any information on his whereabouts you are asked to contact Crimestoppers at 922 or the nearest police station.