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Attorney Chastises Government

Steven Buckley is not the first person to be shot by a police officer. In fact, many years after his shooting several other persons have been shot by police officers. These persons include Allyson Major who was shot and killed in downtown Belize City and Laddie Gillet who was fatally shot while in Placencia. Attorney Richard Bradley says that the families of the victims have yet to be compensated for their loss. 

Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney at Law: “The government is doing a worthless thing. Agents of the Government of Belize they injure persons from time to time, they are charged and I’m going to use two examples for you; Laddie Gillett, a child who was shot in his back in Placencia by a police officer who has been charged, the family of lady Gillett has not gotten $1. Now what is the point that I’m trying to make? This is not you’re going to court trying to prove that the police officer is responsible for the shooting because the state has charged the police officer. They have investigated and are satisfied that we have enough information that you caused the death of that child, the police is charged for manslaughter. You know the sensational thing where Allison Major was traveling right on South Street that and Regent Street the police is chasing him in another vehicle he turns and when he passes the Supreme Court they are shooting like this is some kind of movie and they kill that man – the family has not gotten a dollar. You have investigated and charged the person, you are saying somebody is responsible, you are responsible for that agent of yours why don’t you pay the family? Why put them through have to go get lawyer come up a lawyer and have to sue the court? Because our judges are very conservative they want to give you $200,000 for something which is three times that amount in terms of restoring some kind of fairness to you so I need you to point out that the state is being disrespectful of the rights of the citizens. Little Laddie Gillett alert has not been given any kind of compensation can you believe that? That one is the most outrageous. A child is running away from the police and you shoot at him, you don’t shoot in the air and holler stop you shoot him. Man and this – anyhow let’s not go down that road.”