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Attorney Comments on People’s Constitutional Commission

Members of the public were invited to share concerns and recommendations as it relates to the People’s Constitutional Commission Bill on Monday. The Bill has been tabled for the first reading in the House of Representatives and will be tabled for the second and third readings before being sent to the Senate for approval. The bill seeks to establish a Commission that will draft and guide the process of creating a new constitution of Belize or amending the existing constitution. Sharing his views on the issue is Attorney Richard Dickie Bradley. 

Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney-At-Law: “This is a very serious matter. This is a boat that can get out of control. Now I imagine you heard, as the media from the outset, the concerns that the list of participants, the list of groups/organisations is in need of review. The law has not been passed. It’s just a Bill. A Bill is a proposal. It’s a recommendation and in fact the parliamentary committee responsible for that portfolio has indicated already tha hey we want to hear views on the proposed bill. In fact, I just got some texts from some persons who made representations. You know it’s a big insult as Creoles that there’ll be no attempt to try and find an organisation that represents us. We are of course annoyed and insulted by that oversight but it is not cas in stone that Creoles will not get an opportunity to be present. So I suspect that will be one of the areas that the Government will look at, the minister responsible will look at. So there are no Creoles being represented even as the 1st of August is a massive important day for us. The artist community is totally abandoned. The artist community is nowhere. The writers, the poets, the lyricists, the musicians, nobody from the artist community is out but let’s look at the right side for now. There’ll be enough time for criticism and complaints.”