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Attorney General comments of extradition request

There is an extradition request for Belizean attorney Andrew Bennett. The United States of America wants Bennett for charges of alleged money laundering. As we have reported, documents show that the US government had carried out a sting operation in which an agent posing as a businessman interested in money laundering, contacted Bennett. The US believes that Bennett then set things in motion for the money to be laundered through a Belizean owned media production company. Yesterday Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte told the media that his office has prepared documents with respect to the extradition request and it has been sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


“And it’s the Minister of Foreign Affairs who sets the matters in motion once he signs the necessary papers. We then apply to the magistrate for various steps to be taken. We have not received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs any documentation for us to bring to the magistracy as yet.”

“I have seen the documents but I was not coming on what is there; what is not there; what is supposed to come if anything is supposed to come at all? As you know for better or for worse the Attorney General Ministry becomes the attorneys for the US government in all extradition matters; that’s the law we have no choice with that but I am not going to discuss the details of a case that has not been resolved as yet. It is disturbing to me whenever a Belizean is looking to get extradited. Indeed when there is a request for one of your colleagues it makes it extra tough because that’s a person you know. Andrew Bennet, I consider to be a very good acquaintance of mine but it makes it very difficult now because as Attorney General how I operate personally with him, how I operate professionally with his firm or other friends it does affect you because it is a very uncomfortable situation but we are professionals and we must carry out our duties professionally.”

If the Government believes that the US Government has a prima facie case against Bennett, then the Minister of Foreign Affairs will sign the related documents, proceedings will commence in which an arrest warrant for Bennett will be issued. He will be arrested and taken before the Chief Magistrate for arraignment.