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Attorney General discusses cyber bullying bill

In the wake of persons private images being publicized on social media earlier this year, there was a public outcry for legislation to be put in place to deter this from occurring again. As a result, the Attorney General’s Ministry agreed to draft a bill to address the matter. Today, Love news asked the Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, where his ministry is with the drafting of the bill.

Michael Peyrefitte – Attorney General: “What we are trying to do with the legislation though is this: we are considering responsibility as well, people complain about videos being out there. Sticking to adults now, videos out there, should we put in that legislation that maybe it is an offense to make a video like that, maybe it is an offense for you to allow someone to take a video like that. We have to start taking responsibility, you don’t want a video like that with you out there, don’t make one so shouldn’t there be a penalty for someone who makes one. All of these things are not easy answers because as you should have in a robust debate about any proposed bill there is back and forth so as we go back and forth it takes time, it eats up time but we want to make sure that when we present a bill to the House that it is one that is tight, well written and we can depend on for people who commit infractions.”

Victims of cyber bullying are usually shunned by persons in society.