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Attorney General donates to the Eastern Division South Formation

The Attorney General’s Ministry today donated a set of books on the Laws of Belize to the Eastern Division South Police Formation. The books were handed over by the Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte and received by Senior Superintendent of Police Howell Gillett, Commander of Southside Belize City who had made the request. The commander says the texts will enable police officers to better process cases that will lead to increased convictions.

Howell Gillet, Officer Commanding Eastern Division:What we’ve seen in the past officers have made mistakes and take up a lot of the court’s time with the wrong charges, that will be a thing of the past now with today’s donation and we are so happy for the AG to have considered the Eastern Division South. It will take less of the court’s time and then we expect the conviction rate to increase as a result of officers having first hand knowledge of the new sets of laws in Belize.”

Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General: “It’s interesting and it’s refreshing that you have a police division commander who is requesting the law to be current with the law. So what we have here today is another donation worth about $5,000 and then we have provided him bounded ones, the pretty ones in the green binders, up to 2011 and by the end of the week they should have the other ones that are bounded that are not in this form yet but we will get. As well of course with the anti gang legislations that were just passed; the firearms act, the crime control and criminal justice act and the witness protection act. So that is what we are doing here today so that the Eastern Division can have the laws as they exist to the minute in the country, they have to do their research, the police officers have to know what the basic law is at the very least when they are dealing with the whole problem of crime or trying to address crime- they need to learn how to approach people, the rights constitutional rights, search warrants, evidence gathering it’s all in the laws and so it’s important for them to have it here to develop a library so they could learn exactly what to do when you are on duty.”

Before today, the Attorney General’s Ministry had donated a similar set of books to the Belmopan Police Formation when Commander Gillett was leading that formation.