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Attorney General expresses support for Barrow’s Budget

While Senators Mark Lizarraga and Eamon Courtenay pointed out what they say is everything wrong with the budget, UDP Senator and Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte, rose to support his administration’s fiscal strategy. For the most part, Peyrefitte confined himself to matters relating to his office, saying that he did not get everything he asked for.

Michael Peyrefitte, UDP Senator: “There were items that we proposed for the AG’s Ministry that were not approved but not everybody can get everything that they want. I mean didn’t the PUP learn that in their growth economics years? When you try to do that you run yourself into trouble, there were several things that were not approved for the AG’s Ministry because we appreciate the need for a balanced budget. I have made it no secret to the government that for example if you look at the budget no money is given for the improvement of the physical resources and the building, no money. Now it is no secret that the standard of accommodation if the Ministry in Belmopan is below par. It is an overcrowded, ill equipped and moldy building and we need to move out of that building so am I going to bash the government for not providing the resources that I want to put a building? Am I going to come here and say ‘Oh you see what happened in Ghost Town last weekend that is why we can’t finance an Attorney General’s Ministry?’ I mean those silly connections that people make with a budget. The monies are not available to do everything that we need to do it is up to the Minister to take initiative and try to ensure that we can get what the Ministries need. Nothing law prevented me from writing to RECONDEV in Belmopan and say ‘we need a piece of land.’ so that is what I did. I wrote to RECONDEV and I begged them for a two acre piece of land anywhere in Belmopan to put a proper building, with proper parking. It’s not provided for the in the budget but that is why they appointed you to be a leader in government to take initiatives. We have bilateral we have all types of relationships that I must can go to for funding.”