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Attorney General highlights new legislation

Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte also delivered an address.  Peyrefitte pointed out the progress made by his ministry, the restructuring of existing laws and the new laws that took effect in 2017.

Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General

“This year saw some critical reforms and new laws my lord as such, the Central Bank of Belize Act, the Food and Drugs Amendment act, the NGO Act, the Immigration Act, the Criminal Code to make Provision among other things, the Specification of a Minimum term of years which an offender sentenced to life in prison for murder shall be served. He shall be served before the offender can be eligible for release on parole. It was the indictable procedure act, the Evidence Act Amendment, the Development Act, the National Payment System Act, the Belize Trade, and Investment Act, the Development Service Act, and the Forest Act and finally the Petroleum Operations act not to mention my lord last but not least the Amendment to the Misuse of Drugs Act allowing and Decriminalizing ten grams of marijuana for personal use.”

Belize Intellectual Property Office, Belipo also falls under the Attorney General’s ministry and he shared the progress made in 2017.

Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General

“BELIPO reported a gross income of over eight hundred and seventy-seven thousand dollars for the last year my lord. Applications received in 2017 were in the form of nine hundred and four for trademark applications; twenty-six for patent applications and three for industrial design. In October 2017, BELIPO in partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organization, theUniversity of Belize and the Citrus growers association hosted and intellectual property and innovation workshop to begin the sensitization process amongst our stakeholders as to the value of intellectual property and innovation in the development of Belize. The workshop focused on building a collaborating network among university-industry, government agencies and innovators, and entrepreneurs in the country and to develop a  concrete roadmap for assisting Belize in the commercialization of university community research and intellectual property.”

Peyrefitte added that in 2018 BELIPO will continue to sensitize the public about Intellectual Property Law. In his address, the Chief Justice had mentioned that the Corozal Magistrate Court and the Dangriga Magistrate Court are in need of repair. In this regard, Peyrefitte committed to secure funding in order that the necessary repairs to the magistrate courts can be carried out.