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Attorney General Retreage Says the Mason Horse Has Been Flogged

So, tonight’s update is that Melissa Ferguson is now on remand at the Belize Central Prison; William Mason is looking to face additional charges.  So, is the media flogging a dead horse by following up on the allegations and the speculations in the Mason saga?  Today, we asked the Attorney General, Vanessa Retreage to comment on the entire situation surrounding Mason and his accusations against Government officials.


“I don’t know what you refer to as untoward behavior -that is the first thing. I think that the Mason horse has been flogged and I would rather leave it there. I think that enough has been said and I have no other comment on that issue. I think every Minister has been asked about this issue; they’ve given extensive responses and I think Mr. Mason has been charged with murder and rather than continue to discuss his notoriety we should leave him as the person being charged with murder and that is where it should lie.”


“But aren’t you at all concerned about the allegations being made against government officials?”


“No I’m not. I feel that when people are put in a desperate situation there are many things that they will do to try and get themselves out of that situation and I think until allegations and all these wild aspersions that are put in the public domain are proven, I don’t really pay any attention to it.”