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Attorney General Says Work Has Begun In Combatting Cyber Crimes

Today was the start of an internet governance forum. One of the issues coming up in the discussions is cyber security.  Anyone who uses the internet would be able to attest to the obscene content that is being put up by several users with no thought of privacy, dignity or discretion.  Bevil Wooding whose work surrounds the use of internet told Love News that there is more to be done on the issue of cyber crimes.


“This forum has increased in its importance over the years so it has moved from looking at the implications of the internet for the Caribbean to addressing specific issues that impede the growth of the internet and impede the development that the internet ought to facilitate in the region.  So it has looked at issues like privacy, cyber security, net neutrality all of these are terms that come up in forums like these and the issues around these issues, child safety online for example all of these are international internet governance issues. Remember internet governance if you think about it is how do we manage the use of the internet in our jurisdiction.”

In speaking with the Attorney General, Vanessa Retreage, she told Love News that combatting cyber crime is a point of interest for her and the work has begun in putting in laws in place to hold persons responsible for the manner in which they use technology.


“The first thing we need to understand is that it’s not only a conference focusing on cheaper internet and more access to the internet but it’s also a conference focusing on internet governance  and the policies and legal framework that we put in place to govern the use of the internet. In Belize we have been slow in implementing legislation to govern internet use and so a conference like this and you will see on the agenda for the next two days it discusses cyber crime and how to combat cyber crime and effective policies that we can put in place and so the interest from an attorney general’s perspective, from a legislative perspective is that in relation to this conference and so I intend to gather information to push for cyber crime legislation to be put in place in Belize because it certainly and area of interest to me and it’s something that needs to be done so that is why I am here today. We don’t have specific legislation targeting the use of Social Media we have nothing specific, we would have to revert to the criminal code, the libel and slander laws that sort of thing but in relation to specific legislation governing the use of technology on the internet no.”

Retreage is the first woman to be appointed as the Attorney General for Belize.  Her role is to be the principal legal adviser to the Government.