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Attorney gives advice to PUP on Sarstoon excursion

While Attorney Andrew Marshalleck, has taken up the claim for the PUP against the SI, he does emphasize that the law is the law. That means if the PUP still wishes to plan an excursion to the Sarstoon, his advice to them is to follow the law.



“My advice to them is that they have to obey the law and unless and until there is a declaration that the law is no good it is the law so that the trip to the Sarstoon if you are confronted and prohibited then you will have to obey.”

Marshalleck says that the SI was made largely for political reasons as well as the response including the claim.



“If the claim goes forward and there is a determination there will be a practical effect in that we will know for certain and have guidance from the court as to when it’s correct for powers of these natures to be exercised going forward. Should a similar situation rise again that is the only value to be had from it given that it is likely the law will be spent by the time the case comes on for hearing. The SI is made largely we believe for political reasons and for that very reason the response to it is largely political including the legal challenge.”

The claim was filed yesterday by the Opposition party leader John Briceno.