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Attorney of Three Accused in Plane Landings says Police Brutalized his Clients

Attorneys Richard Dickie Bradley and Norman Rodriguez were at the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court this morning prepared to represent several of the persons detained. As the Police Commissioner reported, the men were brought from Mango Creek to face charges. Attorney Rodriguez is representing Juan Sanchez, Moises Perez and Armando Martinez. The trio is alleging police brutality and have been remanded to the Belize Central Prison. According to their attorney, a bail hearing is set for Friday.

Norman C. Rodriguez, Rodriguez & Associates Law Firm:Well it has been somewhat lengthy. The whole process started on Thursday when there was the alleged landing of as people say drug plane and my clients along with the other eight people were detained at various places in the southern highway. My clients were detained and I was notified that they needed my representation. We attempted to reach them, it was kind of very challenging because they were being taken from place to place and I finally saw them on Sunday which was yesterday and we went to court this morning. They had them in Belize City. They took everyone to Belmopan and this is where the real arraignment was started. We weren’t able to get into court until this afternoon because they were scattered over the country mostly in the southern district and they were brought before the court. There were a number of people charged for ammunition I don’t represent any of them they have their own attorneys but these three men Moises Aden Perez, Armando Martinez and Juan Sanchez these are my clients and I went before the court today. There were some conditions in relation to my client Mr.Perez which made me attempt to make a submission to the court an application for bail for him. There was a doctor’s paper from his doctor and there were three things that I tried to make an application on it. It fit within the allowance of section 16 of the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Act which gave the court a discretion but as the magistrate rightly said there were certain little details lacking. He seemed to have a heart condition and so the other two they would not have qualified for bail because the amount of drugs is too much. The law allows for the magistrate to consider bail for drugs of a quantity below one kilogram, in this case I think the news says it all it’s too many. So I made the application for that one and it was denied. The others were denied now we have to go to the Supreme Court to try to secure bail. We should be able to get that by Friday if there are no setbacks.” 

The men appeared before Magistrate Ed Usher. Attorney Richard Dickie Bradley is representing Police officers, George Ferguson, Delwin Casimiro, Nelson Middleton, along with the civilians Armando Martinez and Moises Adan Perez. Love News understands that Attorney Bradley was able to get bail for Epifiana Caliz, the wife of Police Corporal Elmer Nah. She was charged with 7 counts of possession of high powered ammunition.