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Attorney OJ Elrington places bid for the Freetown Division in the UDP Camp

There is a new bid for the Freetown Division in the United Democratic Party Camp. Today attorney, O. J. Elrington made the announcement to the media. This is the first time that Elrington is offering himself as a candidate for general elections. Here is what he said has convinced him to take up the responsibility.

OJ Elrington: This is the first time that I am allowing myself to be a candidate, for those that know I have worked in the background and in fact over the years I have been asked on several occasions to offer myself as a candidate and I respectfully refused those offers but now I believe that I have garnered the necessary experience, that I have garnered the necessary support and that I am now ready to take on the challenge to serve the people of Freetown.

Reporter: Why Freetown?

OJ Elrington: Well that is where my family, that is where the Elrington roots are laid, on 6th street, that is where grew up and I thought there would be not better division to offer myself for service for than for Freetown.
Reporter: What are your plans what are you proposing for the area?

OJ Elrington: I think I bring a new energy, a new perspective, and I want to change the status quo, I want to challenge the existing paradigm that we have in Belize and I think that how especially in the area of Freetown because I want to deliver the type of leadership that has been missing from that division for way too many years and therefore I thought that if I want to see that change that I need to offer myself as a representative for the people of Freetown.

Reporter: naysayers might say that well the Freetown constituency has largely been won by the People’s United Party and that is considered one of their strongest and one of their sure seats. Why contest Freetown given that premise?

OJ Elrington: Again I believe it is a seat which has been absolutely undeserved by the current area representative.
Reporter: So you have the support of the current residents themselves.

OJ Elrington: Yes most importantly the residents of the division.

The Freetown Division is currently represented by PUP’s Francis Fonseca.