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Attorney Orson “OJ” Elrington Warns Police Commissioner Chester Williams

Attorney Orson “OJ” Elrington in a letter dated June 28 wrote to Commanding Officer of Professional Standard Branch, Sr. Supt. Calbert Flowers and Director of Legal Affairs, Deputy Commissioner Bart Jones, regarding PC Alicia Trapp. In the letter, Elrington responds to a June 13th letter sent by Flowers to Trapp. Elrington tells Flowers that his client wholly rejects allegations of any sort of breach of the Belize Police Department Social Media Policy. The matter stems from an altercation Trapp had with Cayo South Area Representative Julius Espat during village council elections in Teakettle Village a few weeks ago. Trapp went live on Facebook, alleging that Espat had assaulted her. Espat denied the accusations and pointed out that evidence showed that Trapp was the aggressor. Williams has publicly stated that Trapp violated the Department’s Social Media Policy and would be dealt with. But Elrington says that the institution of any disciplinary action against Trapp would be a breach of her constitutional rights to freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of political affiliation. He warns the Commissioner by stating (quote) “we are therefore putting on record our warning that any attempt to punish our client would constitute a breach of our client’s constitutional right and would be met with swift legal action.” (end of quote) This evening, Love News asked Williams for a response: 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Listen to me I really don’t have time for nonsense you know. Please anything Orson Elrington has to say please don’t tell me about it. If he wants to take legal action by all means the courts are open. Anybody could take legal action the question is is the court going to be so foolish to accede to nonsense that he might want to present before the court ? Ask the public what is Orson Elrington’s success rate in the court  and then you come back to me. On that note I’m done.”

In response to Chester, Elrington told us (quote) “I am honestly not sure why the Commisioner of Police takes myself defending the rights of my client so personal and with such disdain. But no amount of venom nor disdain will stop me from doing my job. I swore on oath to defend the constitution and the rights of citizens. The police department has a responsibility like very other arm of the state to abide by the law and the constitution. If they breach it we will act, that is not a threat that is a promise. But I did agree whole heartedly on one point, my legal record and acumen speaks for itself.”