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Attorney Positive on Bert Vasquez’ Trial

Accused murderer Bert Vasquez was back in court today. Vasquez is facing three charges including the murder of 13 year old Jasmine Lowe which occurred back in June of 2012. Vasquez is also facing two other charges related to sexual offences. One of those charges is being dealt with by Justice Adolph Lucas. A trial date for one of the sexual offence charges was set for today. Vasquez’ attorney,  Oscar Salgado believes that the circumstantial evidence submitted by prosecutors will fail.


Accused murderer Bert Vasquez has been in and out of court since the 2012 murder of 13 year old Girl Scout Jasmine Lowe. Her body was found four years ago – on June 6- in a farm in Cristo Rey Village, Cayo. Several days after the gruesome discovery, Bert Vasquez was detained- his car was impounded and in it investigators found a ring believe to be of the slain teenage girl.  Since the murder of Jasmine, thirteen girls, all underage, made official complains to San Ignacio police that Vasquez offered them money for them to get into his car. However, he was only charged one count of abduction, eleven counts of common assault and one count of aggravated assault in addition to the murder charge.  This is not the first time that Vasquez was on the news. In 2011, Vasquez was accused of holding a woman to knife point and sexually assaulting her. In that same year, Vasquez was charged for holding a 16 year old girl at gun point and forcing her into his car.  The murder of Jasmine Lowe gripped the attention of the nation and Vasquez was labeled as a serial predator. The residents of San Ignacio/Santa Elena wanted him dead.   A postmortem conducted on scene was inconclusive. Attorney Oscar Salgado is representing Vasquez.”


“Defense attorneys crave those opportunities and I for one, having looked at what the media was saying at the time when now Senior Superintendent Chester Williams went out the media and hailed that he had the person, he had the murderer and he had so much evidence; it was all bull. There’s no such evidence before the court, there’s no such evidence in the hands of the police. As a matter of fact all that the police have is a very thin line of circumstantial evidence and the case law is saying that the threshold upon which circumstantial evidence can be used to convict will not be met.”


“However, back in 2012 the then OC of Cayo, Senior Superintendent of Police, Chester Williams, told the media quote,  “I am confident that we have enough that we could secure a conviction at the end…. I am positively sure that we have the person we are looking for in connection with Jasmine Lowe’s murder”, end of quote.”


“All of that is bullocks. None of that is in the disclosure and none of that is before the defense attorneys. So that what the police had said in the press conferences was either just to please public opinion, to satisfy public outrage at the time or merely shouting wolf.”


“And in this situation, Bert Vasquez is the wolf and Salgado is confident that he will be set free.”


“I have in 2008 won eight murder cases consecutively. There is no other attorney in the history books in Belize who have won eight murder cases in one calendar year and I have done so because I prepare my case work, I do my ground work and I am certain, I am confident as a matter of fact that with Bert Vasquez murder charge, he will be set free.”

Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.