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Audit to be made on the King and Queen Competition

Changes might be made to the results of last Saturday’s Carnival King and Queen Competition.  At the end of the competition (VO STARTS) Soca Massive took first place in the Junior Queen competition while Trench Town was named the winner in the Junior King competition.  In the senior category Belizean Jewels took first place in both the King and Queen categories.  A release from the September Celebrations Commission says the scores in the different categories are being audited at the accounting firm of Cedric D. Flowers.  They warn that the findings may have implications for the results that were previously announced. Love News spoke with Sandra Mahler, the President of the Carnival Association who said that results of the yearly NICH event are always audited.

Sandra Mahler, the President of the Carnival Association: “After every competition that ICA have they send the scores to be audited. Apparently it is assumed that the audited results are indicating otherwise than what has been announced but we are awaiting the response from the auditor before we can confirm anything. This is a normal process that ICA does when they have any competition; their scores are audited so we are just waiting to see what the audited report will confirm but we must say that the judges scores are final so nothing on the judges scores can be changed or will be changed. Whatever those judges say the results are that is what we will have to stick with.”

The results of the audit are expected later this week.