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Auditing the Music Ambassador

But instead of banks being audited, lately institutions are being audited. NICH is currently undergoing an external audit to complement the controversial one completed by the theology student turned internal auditor for the institution. Another audit has been summoned following Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow’s controversial comments about the President of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) and its board of directors. He referred to the board as a rubber stamp of the Minister of Culture, Patrick Faber and he also made allegations about the President’s use of vehicle and fuel. NICH has apparently ordered an audit of funds given to the Office of the Music Ambassador. Shyne says it’s a strategic move on NICH President Sapna Budhrani’s behalf.

Shyne Barrow, Music Ambassador: “All of my receipts are there. I find the audit to be a strategic move on the part of Budhrani to distract and divert attention from the issues that she is having with her own internal auditor but all of my receipts are there and music week cost me $72,500 so certainly I can account for the $35,000 that was contributed by NICH that is not a problem whatsoever. However, I was told by the internal auditor that he was instructed not to speak to me so I don’t see how you can conduct an audit of my office without speaking to me so I find that strange so let’s see if that will continue because she is now on administrative leave.”

Reporter: Is it the same auditor who will be auditing your office?

Shyne Barrow, Music Ambassador: “Again I know that there is only one internal auditor at NICH but whoever is designated to get an accounting of the $35,000 I welcome that accounting.”

Reporter: Do you think this is all about the money? I mean there has been the allegation that under previous leadership you were able to get your funding in one lump sum but now with this new NICH president, her rules are that you get it by quarterly installments.

Shyne Barrow, Music Ambassador: “Well again I have spent $150,000 of my money so far this year so certainly whatever monies are contributed by NICH are well earned on my part. Initially, I had no budget at NICH but as I spent my money it was decided that the efforts of the Ambassador of Music should be supported. So my issue was never necessarily a matter of the distribution of the funds although that certainly becomes problematic when there are so many events and so many artists that need to be serviced on limited resources.”

As has been reported following the allegations made against Budhrani, Cabinet decided to place her on leave until an external audit is complete.