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Auditor General’s Report goes to the House on Friday

The 2012-2013 Auditor General’s Report will be tabled at the House sitting on Friday. It looked at a number of areas within government, and among many things, the Auditor General points that most bank accounts and other government accounts have not been reconciled for several years. But there is more in the report, and these are not very complimentary of the government. Within the report is the audit of the tertiary unit of the Ministry of Education. When the media spoke with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Patrick Faber today, he said he had only received a copy on Tuesday but still gave a preliminary view of what he has managed to study.


Patrick Faber – Deputy Prime Minister
“When they found certain things they said, Mr. CEO could you answer to these things. Now the way I understand it and I may be completely wrong but I don’t think so that once you get in there and you are doing an audit and you find certain things you give the entity and opportunity to respond. It may be a misinterpretation, it may be a misunderstanding and once that response is given, you factor that into whatever report you will put out. From what I’ve seen, dealing with the portion from the Ministry of Education, the questions that they raised, even though the Ministry provided a response, which is tacked on as a kind of annex in the report, just, this is the ministry’s response, nobody bothered to go and address these concerns, to go and say that these concerns were valid or not valid in the report itself and this is for me very distressing because this report calls people’s names, They put people in there who are good people, who are productive people, and you drag people in the mud suggesting that there could be some kind of impropriety when that is not the case. So my ministry stands fully prepared once people get into the details to talk about the issues there. I encourage those who get a hold of the Audit report to look at the response of the CEO that is attached.”

Faber says this report will be handled differently from the immigration audit.

Patrick Faber – Deputy Prime Minister
“The reason why this is the case is because this is a routine financial audit so this will be tabled in Friday’s house meeting and then it will be sent to the Public Accounts Committee and as you know the Public Accounts Committee is chaired by an opposition member, the Honorable Julius Espat and once he calls a meeting then they will consider all that is in that report in sessions of the accounts committee of the House of Representative. The Senate is not in that at all and for those who are concerned that there might be a conflict of interest in terms of the membership of that makeup, I know for an instance, I am a member of the Public Accounts Committee. I believe that the situation would then call for us to recuse ourselves from any decision making that would come along with such a report being tabled before the Public Accounts Committee so I am perfectly prepared to do that. “

Faber went on to say that while there are many things broken within the government, it does not mean there are wrongdoings to a large extent. Where these are demonstrated, he says he supports any corrective measures put in place.