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Audrey Goes Mute on Her Court Sanction; Fined $3,000

Outspoken attorney, Audrey Matura Shepherd was ordered to pay a fine of three thousand dollars by way of sanction for breach of confidentiality. (VO STARTS) That was the disposition that came out of the courtroom of Justice Courtney Abel this morning. The fine comes after Matura Shepherd was facing charges of contempt after she spoke about the BGYEA case when she was not supposed to. As you may recall, Matura Shepherd is the lawyer for BGYEA in their fight against the Government of Belize. However the case was settled through mediation and the court placed a gag order on all interested parties. It is reported that Matura Shepherd spoke of the settlement to a media house and so the Government’s attorney brought it to the attention of the court. In this matter, Matura Shepherd was represented by Senior Counsel, Godfrey Smith, while the claimant was represented by Nigel Hawke and Julie-Ann Ellis Bradley,