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Audrey’s Supporters and Finances Wanted by the BPP

At today’s press conference of the Belize Progressive Party, one of its candidates, Raymond Rivers called out President of Christian Workers Union, Audrey Matura Shepherd. When the BPP was launched, some thought that Matura Shepherd would have been involved. However, she was not, even though the BPP approached her. But today, Rivers made a public plea to Matura-Shepherd.


“We and Ms. Audrey Matura Shepherd went a little cross way because of my work and me fighting for the 150 workers at the Port of Belize and she was dragging her feet but I want her to know I, Raymond Rivers apologize to her if she thought I said anything bad to her and I’m asking her to please come along with the BPP and bring the people who she has behind her, the finance she has behind her because I know I’ve been to her house and talking to her several times and we need her to lead our country into a better country. Ms. Audrey I apologize.”

Matura-Shepherd not only agreed that she deserved an apology from Rivers but rejected his offer.


“Mr. Rivers is right to apologize because he said many inaccurate things and he attacked me personally but I’ve always maintained that when people attack me personally I will not answer them and that it’s an indication of how they think, what they are and their heart as it is. So his attacks I won’t bother about it because I was looking at how it affected the stevedores and we’ve passed that chapter and we’ve moved on and I think Tuesday we signed our framework agreement with the Port of Belize which is very historic. We got the entire negotiating teams from both sides to sign and we actually are meeting each other at a middle ground to move forward. So I hope that Mr. Rivers will realize that that will benefit him too and that you can get a lot not always by fighting and attacking. On the other issue, really that is a surprise; I will make no comments. I think that my leadership with the union as I’ve always promised I will serve a term and my term will come to an end very soon, I don’t think I will continue. I didn’t realize the magnitude of what I was taking on when I joined the union. If there is any future for me in politics I’ve always told you all in the media that when the right time comes I will know and I will be there. I’ve never shied away but I am looking forward to, if my personal view matters and early retirement on a farm writing books that is my personal ambition.”


“So that’s a no at the moment?”


“You are getting like those attorney at court, you want a yes or no. You all read between the lines.”