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Authorities Deter Two Suspected Drug Planes from Landing in Belize

Two suspected planes were in Belize’s airspace early this morning. According to Police Commissioner, the relevant authorities were up throughout the night monitoring the movements of the aircrafts.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We were up up to four this morning. We were tracking two suspect aircrafts that came out of Venezuela, they flew over Belize and both landed in Guatemala. So again like every other night we are out there doing what we can to prevent these planes from landing in our country and when they do land we must try our best to see if we can intercept, arrest those who are involved and seize the cargo.”

The war on drugs will continue as there is a constant demand particularly for cocaine. Senior Attorney, Dickie Bradley weighed in on the subject saying that the drug trafficking goes so much deeper than what is being seen on the surface.

Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney: “The Commissioner just told you every two/three nights they’re up tracking planes. The planes keep going, the Americans they want their cocaine. They have to sniff something, they have to have something in their system otherwise they’ll be having a very blue christmas without you. This is a very serious matter you know because what is now happening is that some of the plans are stopping off in Belize and we are not ready to deal with this matter. And when you say ‘Oh the police are landing drug planes.’ and so it has to be more complicated than that. It can’t – big people have to be involved yes? You don’t go to the janitor to make a decision on how the company is going to spend the shareholders money it don’t work like that. So first of all you need to understand what is going on.”