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Authorities Seek Missing Men

Two men have been reported missing in the Belmopan area. 36-year-old Emilio Lopez, Salvadoran national of Springfield Community on the Hummingbird Highway was reported missing. Lopez was last seen on Saturday, December 10 at about five thirty in the evening. He was wearing a white, short sleeved shirt, black long pants and black tennis shoes. Lopez who is of Hispanic decent, stands about five feet four inches in height and weighs about one hundred and fifty pounds and has short hair.  59-year-old Arnulfo Maldonado from Valley of Peace was also reported missing. Maldonado, who has mental problems was last seen on Sunday night.  He was wearing a sky blue buttoned, long sleeved shirt and a pair of blue jeans and a camouflage cap. Maldonado stands about five feet seven inches in height with grey hair.