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Author’s posthumous celebration

The Meet the Author Series is a project designed and implemented by the National Heritage Library. It allows authors, the public and the library to interact, discuss and promote literary works while preserving our culture. A derivative of the series was held on Tuesday and that was the posthumous celebrations of the writings of Francis B. Arana senior on the fourteenth anniversary of his passing. Cayo correspondent Pauline Soberanis Tillett reports on Arana’s writing craft.

Pauline Soberanes Tillet Cayo Correspondent: “A tribute to the late Francis B. Arana was held this morning at the Heritage Library in Belmopan. Mr. Arana was an author and a man of many talents, he wrote several columns in the Amandala Newspaper entitled “IT USED TO BE THAT”. He also wrote on several life experiences. Love News spoke with Felin Calletano Librarian and Rose Arana Sambela his daughter.

Rose Arana Samba – Daughter: “It is an honor for me to be here today on behalf of my dad. I envisioned something that he would appreciate and enjoyed if he was alive, that would have been a trip to the library. I initiated what I considered a memorial, I came and spoke to the Librarian, she then told me that they do things but they have never done anything posthumously. I said to her well I guess we can do the first, the 21st of May is going to be the 14th Anniversary of his death. I believe that we have never really remembered him as a writer so that is what I think we should do.”

Felin Calletano – Librarian: “Today we are here to provide a tribute to Mr. Francis B. Arana Sr. He was an author, he was an agriculturalist, he was a man of many talents according to his niece who gave a reflection about his work and his life purpose. The students were very engaged to hear about how Belize used to be and this is from a series that Mr. Arna wrote: “IT USED TO BE THAT”. Two excerpts were read from those series and it was a very full and lively reading.”

For Love News, I am Pauline Soberanes Tillet Cayo Correspondent.”