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Aviation Hub City to be Built

Cabinet last week announced that the Minister of Blue Economy and Civil Aviation made a presentation on the economic importance of making aviation in Belize a national priority, including the concept of a proposed Aviation Hub City for Belize. As a result, Cabinet formed a ministerial working group comprised of the Minister Blue Economy and Civil Aviation, the Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations, and the Minister of Finance to present a roadmap within four weeks’ time. The plan will include a feasibility study for the proposed Aviation Hub City. We asked Tourism Minister Anthony Mahler about it. 

Anthony Mahler, CEO, Minister of Tourism: “We’ll get experts to advise us accordingly, but I think it’s a great idea. Minister Perez brought it to Cabinet. He brought a member of Cocesna to do a presentation, but it’s something from a tourism standpoint that we’ve been looking at. It depends on the type of outfit he wants, if it’s maintenance, whatever it is. We will determine that as we go through the consultations throughout the industry. That is the goal that we want to end up to, for Belize to become a hub, for Central America at least.”

Reporter, Love FM News: Is it needed?

Anthony Mahler, CEO, Minister of Tourism: “Airlift into any destination is the life blood, The more airlift you have, the more people coming in, more people in hotels, more people eating at restaurants, more people go on tours, souvenirs, the Marie Sharp’s, rum, beer, meat pie. It’s very important.”