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B-SAG members allegedly beat up man, he dies hours after

One man is dead tonight after he was allegedly beaten by law enforcement officers. He is 46 year old Ariel Audinette. He was recently deported from the United States of America and was staying at an apartment at the corner of San Antonio Road and Staines Alley in Orange Walk Town.  Love News has been reliably informed that at around 4 o’clock this morning, Audinette was at his house along with Oscar Payes, a man named Steve and a woman by the first name Dania when members of the Belize Special Assignment Group (B-SAG) made their presence known. The law enforcement officers were reportedly there to conduct a search of the premises. However, something went wrong and according to one of the persons, B-SAG members began beating them. We are told that Audinette and Payes were severely beaten and were taken to the Northern Regional Hospital for treatment. Dania, an immigrant from Honduras, was not hurt. Steve was also beaten but he did not suffer much injuries. None of the persons were arrested. Audinette died just before eleven o’clock this morning at the NRH. Payes, on the other hand, remains hospitalized in a critical condition. We are told that Orange Walk police are interrogating members of B-SAG who were present during the incident. We have not received official information from Police but we have also received another report that led to the fatal beating. We understand that Dania’s phone was stolen and she was blaming Audinette, Payes and Steve. Because she is illegally in the country, she did not report it to the police but told her B-SAG friends who allegedly acted on her behalf. We will keep following this story.