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baby and grandparents hospitalized in RTA

In Western Belize, another road traffic incident has left an eighteen month old baby and his grandparents hospitalized. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports that the incident happened late Saturday afternoon.

     Based on a telephone call received just before 5pm yesterday Roaring Creek Police and the Western Regional Hospital emergency response team visited the water reservoir area of Valley of Peace Village and saw a one year and six-month-old child along with his grandparents lying on the edge of the road with several body injuries. All three were rushed to the Western Regional Hospital where at this time they are receiving treatment. Love News spoke to the grandmother of the one-year-old child.

Brenda De Leon, Grandmother: “We were hearing from Valley to Young Bank on the motorbike. I don’t know how the vehicle hit us from the back. I didn’t see the vehicle. The people told me that it was a black pickup. To me, just one of my hand is swollen and my grandson he didn’t get hurt that badly. The one that got hurt the worse is my husband because he broke his foot in three places