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Baby Janeeka Suffered Head and Chest Trauma

The post mortem on baby Janeeka Campbell was conducted today in Belize City. The pathologist has classified baby Janeeka’s death as Traumatic asphyxiation multifocal subarachnoid hemorrhage due to head and chest trauma. It’s a very scientific classification that Belmopan police are having a difficult time to understand and so are we.  We are no medical experts but we’ll try to break it down.  The term traumatic asphyxia is a medical emergency caused by an intense compression of the thoracic cavity, or the chest. So that would mean that a massive amount of pressure was placed on Janeeka’s chest. A doctor who we spoke to told us that this could mean that Janeeka was injured with an object to the upper body. Police reported that bruises were observed on Janeeka’s chest and upper back. Belmopan police told us today that they will be meeting with the pathologist to get an explanation on the post mortem. That will determine how they will proceed in the case.