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Baby Leo loses battle with cancer

Baby Leo Chan has been battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia since October of last year. This radiant 2-year-old was dealt a bad hand, and sadly, he lost his fight this morning at 7:43. The last we heard about baby Leo is that he underwent several chemotherapy sessions at a hospital in Chetumal, and that his parents were raising money for a bone marrow transplant which he needed. However, baby Leo did not make it to the transplant. We spoke to his mother, Alyssa Chan, who told us more.

Alyssa Chan – Mother: “It didn’t happened because we didn’t make it to the transplant and he had what we would call receita. He fell back into cancer, his body was clean but apparently it hid in his body that the Chemo wasn’t strong enough to kill all of it so when he was preparing for us to go to the transplant it came back. When it came back it attacked him very hard and it ended up to this. To be honest like how he had the receita we stopped the fundraising because we had to wait three months for us to go to Monterey. We spent a whole month and a half at the hospital trying to make him take the new Chemo sessions so we really didn’t have enough time but people really came forward and donated. Like how she required medication that the hospital did not have we had to buy so we had to use some of the money we had and the people kept donating towards his medication. He was a very happy child, he would be in pain and he would still smile and he found comfort in a little monster called Elmy. The wake will be tonight and at trial farm village, the funeral will be tomorrow at 2 pm at La Inmaculada Church.”

 Acute myeloid leukemia is a type of cancer that starts in the blood-forming cells of the bone marrow. ///////