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Baby Nina to be returned to Guatemala

On Friday the case of Baby Nina was back before Magistrate’s Dale Cayetano. The case involving the two year old girl had been ongoing for the last few months. Anna Liz Gutierrez, the child’s mother had taken the child from Guatemala and brought her to Belize. The father of the child engaged the authorities after he said the child was removed illegally from Guatemala. The local authorities then removed the child’s from her mother and put her in foster care until the case came to a conclusion. The matter was argued before Magistrate Dale Cayetano in an all-day session. The matter concluded well into the evening and Gutierrez spoke to the media after she exited the courtroom.

Anna Liz Gutierrez – Mother

“ I’ll read right out of the paper that was provided to me which is the resolution. It states; “Take note that the above case for declaration of wrongful removal of the child was concluded on the 12th day of February 2016. The following order was made. The child, Nina Charlotte Alexandria Berrera Perez born 23 October 2013 was wrongfully removed from Guatemala. It is hereby ordered that the child be returned to Guatemala immediately. Pursuant to Chapter 177 of the International Child Abduction Act revised edition 2000 and the subsequent articles of the convention.” Meaning that basically the resolution made today was that Nina will be returned.”

Gutierrez believes that her lawyer and she had a strong case. She adds that she has begun communication with the child’s father for the wellbeing of the child.

Anna Liz Gutierrez – Mother

“It’s been three months of battle and ultimately we provided a very strong case. I must admit that my lawyer did a very good job at the end but it was the judge who needed to use his discretion and he believed that the removal was wrongful and as a result made the decision to have her returned. At this point I’d spoken to Nina’s father and we are trying to do things on good grounds for the best interest of Nina. At this point everything is out of my hands and there is nothing else I can do.”

As of Friday night baby Nina was removed from foster care and was immediately transported to the Guatemalan Embassy in Belize.

Anna Liz Gutierrez – Mother

“She will be handed over to Guatemalan authorities at the Guatemalan embassy and then they will, according to what I have understood, they will then give her to the Human Development Department in Guatemala and then she will be placed in foster care while court cases and court dates are determined.”

Gutierrez has so far received visitation rights.