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BACCOF meets with Stakeholders in Belize

The Belize American Chamber of Commerce of Florida is meeting with representatives of BELTRAIDE, BCCI, US Embassy, Belize City Council and persons seeking to invest in Belize. The BACCOF is an NGO that creates opportunities for persons interested in doing business in Belize. Michael Young, Executive Director and Rishma Eckert, General Counsel, both with the BACCOF told us more about their work.

Michael Young – Executive Director: “We vet them. We make sure that they’re real, they’re serious they have the paper and we hold their hands, we create a clear path and a streamline to the powers that be in Belize. So we are able to function with the stakeholders and the local partners in the country so we cannot perform, we cannot get the right people to the bargaining table without such as BelTraide and BCCI and of course the US Embassy and their economics department.”

According to Young and Eckert, the NGO has played a key role in what may be a successful business investment in the agriculture sector.

Rishma Eckert – General Counsel: “Our chamber has a very different model than most chambers, our chamber is specifically designed to increase FDI which is foreign direct investment and basically help the economy of Belize so our memberships and companies that are interested in actually investing in Belize and we were able to vet them and get them into the country and make sure they are legitimate and also we wanted to make sure on the other side of it that we preserve the reputation that Belize has as investment worthy.”

The Chamber has been operational since 2013 and works in partnership with the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry.