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BACKA LAND Crips busted for a rusty gun

On Wednesday at 7:45 p.m. two police officers were patrolling the north side area of Belize City when they received a request to aid other police officers on Cran Street. The officers said that when they arrived at the scene they saw a Chevrolet that was allegedly involved in a shooting incident and they saw the four defendants kneeling in the ground. The officers said they escorted the men along with the vehicle to the Queen Street Police Station.  Inside the compound they officers conducted a thorough search of the vehicle and they found a firearm in a compartment behind the gear stick. The rusty 9 millimeter pistol had 13 rounds of ammunition in its magazine. As a result, all occupants of the vehicle were arrested. The four men:  23 year old Lionel Longsworth, 22 year old Harold Usher, 23 year old Jeffrey Buller and 22 year old Dane Gillett, alleged members of the Backa Land Crips Gang, were charged with keeping a firearm and ammunition without a gun license in the courtroom of Magistrate Emerson Banner. After the charges were read to him Lionel Longsworth pleaded guilty to the charges, while the others pleaded not guilty. But Longsworth changed his plea to not guilty when he was told that the prosecution would not withdraw the charges from the others. They were all denied bail and they were remanded into custody until February 27. The police believe that they were involved in the shooting earlier in retaliation to the murder of Joseph Babb, who was allegedly a member of the same gang.