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Bail Granted to Several Who Were on Remand

Several persons who were remanded into custody on different charges were released on bail after their applications for bail were heard by Justice Antoinette Moore. They are Richard McDonald, a tour operator who was charged with drug trafficking for eleven thousand one hundred and fifty five grams of heroin; Police Constable Luke Moriera, charged with two counts of rape; Police Constable Kyle Serrano charged with three counts of sexual assault, auto mechanic Denfield DavisDenfield Davis, charged with four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse; Ariece Martinez, charged with handling stolen goods and Angel Ruiz, charged with kept firearm without a gun license. McDonald’s bail was ten thousand dollars and he was represented by attorney Herbert Panton. The Crown, represented by Crown Counsel Killeru Awich, had objected to bail for McDonald on the grounds that there was a prima facie case against him and he was a flight risk because of the penalty for the offence if he is found guilty. But Panton was able to point out to the court that the prosecution’s evidence was weak and the likelihood that there would be a conviction was remote. Justice Moore, after perusing the affidavits, agreed with Panton and granted bail. Moriera’s bail was six thousand dollars, while Serrano’s bail was five thousand dollars. Davis’ bail was five thousand dollars. Martinez and Ruiz bails were five thousand dollars each. Moriera was represented by attorney Leeroy Banner. Davis and Serrano were represented by attorney Dickie Bradley. Martinez and Ruiz were represented by attorney Kathleen Lewis.