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Bail Hearing for Accused Narco Cop Eric Young Pushed Back

The bail hearing for Corporal Eric Young was adjourned to December 17. The bail application was made by their attorney, Richard Dickie Bradley earlier this week and was slated to be heard virtually this morning. The matter, however, was moved to a later date on the basis that the Police would be bringing additional charges against the men. The Police Commissioner, Chester Williams did confirm that more charges would be added since they had not only located the co-pilot of the drug-plane but they had also found the illegal cargo consisting of over twenty-five bales of cocaine. Last Sunday’s plane landing was the second catch within a 3-week period which Prime Minister John Briceno boasted of earlier today in the House of Representatives.

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “Talk about plane landings how many of them did you stop ? Right now we are stopping them one after the other. We are destroying the – any time we find a runway we go and we destroy them. We have broken the police ring that was involved and we will make sure that we get rid of all of them. We get rid of all of them, we follow them. This last time we found even the pilot who was hiding in the bush, we found the drugs, how many drugs did you find ? We found them and we’re going after the police department. For the first time we’re breaking that police ring. Never happened under your time. Under your time the plane land south and the police go north. Now we know why and you wonder why who all was involved and we’re breaking that. We are in the process right now of getting the radar, the much boughted radar that you were talking about that you will get it you all talked about it we will do it. We will get that radar.”

Corporal Eric Young was one of seven men detained by Police since last Sunday after they were found in the Mountain Pine Ridge area where a drug plane was found. The seven men were arraigned in the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court this week on the charge of conspiracy to land a plane at an illegal aerodrome. The seven men are Corporal Eric Young, Mennonite Saulus Penner, Miguel Angel Zetina, Edwin Armando Gonzales, Jaime Humberto Maas and Edilberto Medrano. Meanwhile the police officers nabbed in the November 4 drug plane landing were Corporal Elmer Nah; Sergeant George Ferguson; Constable Manuel Caliz; Corporal Delwin Casimiro and Constable Nelson Middleton. These men are currently out on bail.