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Bail Hearing for Bladen Drug Movers Postponed

The group of ten men who stand accused of facilitating the landing of a narco-plane on Thursday, November 4 remains in the Belize Central Prison after their bail hearings were delayed. Love News understands that the prosecutor, who is a Senior Counsel and not a representative of the DPP’s Office, raised some objections and as a result the bail hearing for nine of the ten was put off until Monday, November 22. Those ten men are Sergeant George Ferguson, Corporal Elmer Nah, Corporal Delwin Casimiro, Constable Nelson Middleton, Armando Martinez, Juan Sanchez, Heinrich Reddecopp, Johan Wall, Fredy Gongora, and Adonis Campos. Further information to our newsroom says that the objections are to be presented to the court by Thursday, November 18. One of the men whose bail hearing has been set for an earlier date is Moises Perez. Perez’ attorney, Norman Rodriguez told Love News that his client has health conditions, which include high blood pressure and a heart-related condition that requires urgent attention. Rodriguez will naturally have to submit the supporting documents to court before the hearing. We understand that he will do that as early as Monday. As viewers will remember, the group was charged with possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply, abetment in relation to that charge, and conspiracy to land a plane at an aerodrome without permission.