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Bail Hearing for the Hidden Valley Drug Runners Adjourned Once Again

The bail hearing has been adjourned for the six men arrested for November 28 drug plane landing in the Mountain Pine Ridge area, Cayo District. This is the second adjournment for the hearing of bail applications since the men were arrested. The men are Jesus Quintero, Jaime Maas, Miguel Zetina, Edwin Gonzalez, Edilberto Medrano and Saulus Penner and Corporal Eric Young. One of the attorneys on record, Richard “Dickie” Bradley spoke to Love News this evening about the delay, which he says comes after one of the other attorneys in the matter failed to make timely submissions to the court.

Richard “Dickie” Bradley: “Today was a day to decide on the bail hearing. Two or three of the villagers their attorneys have not yet gotten enough information to be comfortable to make a written submission to the Supreme Court. The lawyers for the police officer and the Mennonite have made submissions in writing and because the matter was required to be dealt with together the court felt that it is in the interest of everybody concerned that all the arguments are heard at the same time in oe hearing rather than two persons now, three later and another one and so on. So the matter has been adjourned for the month of December. Next week or the following week at the latest and everybody will get their chance to make their submissions to the court. Basically what is involved from a legal point of view is that the persons who the DPP had given authority to function as the prosecutor in the Supreme Court with regard to the bail hearing is objecting to the persons getting their freedom. This is almost automatic when it comes to serious drug plane and cocaine matters but the law is that bail is not to be used to punish anybody. This is not a hearing, this is not a one sided thing that in the view police there is strong evidence and so keep them in jail, it does not work like that. The Supreme Court has always head to the provision that persons are entitled to their freedom except where there are compelling reasons not to allow them to return to the society.”

As the process moves on, the families of the accused are concerned – and in some cases vexed – over the sluggish pace this has move on. Bradley discussed his clients’ consternation.

Richard “Dickie” Bradley: “I can tell you their families, these are both Mr.Penner and police officer Eric Young, their families are you know they’re dragging out their hair. They can’t understand why is it that there is an attempt by the police and the system to punish their husbands. You could imagine with Christmas only days away they can’t believe that their loved ones will actually spend time in prison where there is no trial. It’s harder for family members and those close to an accused to suffer like that where in their minds, in their eyes their husbands are innocent. In the case of Eric Young you will know that they have gone through tall the Facebook going back months and years that his hobby is farming and to say that because a man never come out with a reindeer means he wasn’t hunting, that he was hunting for cocaine that is really stretching it too far. But yes in terms of the actual accused this is a shocker to them because they are called up to attend their bail hearings and then they’re told that your matter is adjourned you will have to come back. That is the court system, it happens, nobody is picking on them personally except of course the police prosecutor but as a general rule family members are always the ones to suffer the most in matters like this. They have children, they have wives, they have parents, they have brothers, sisters so it is hard as you would expect.”

As viewers will remember, the drug plane landing yielded a total of twenty-five point five bales of cocaine with five hundred and fourteen packages. The drugs have since been destroyed by local authorities.