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Bakers Still Waiting for Subsidy form GOB

The Government of Belize had announced that it is providing a bread subsidy due to the increase in the price of flour. Bakers over the country saw this as one burden that would be lifted off their shoulders in face of an increase in the cost of living. However, bakers say they still haven’t received the subsidy and are not able to profit off the sixteen-ounce loaf of bread since they can’t raise the price. We asked Prime Minister John Briceno to what do they owe the backlog, and he explained that there are still kinks GOB needs to iron out.

John Briceño, Prime Minister of Belize: “Well it has not started yet simply because the constant changing the goal post. —— When we already think that we have a settlement then, for instance, wheat went up again and we have spoken with Minister Mai that Supply Controls has to meet with the flour mill because now the flour mill says you have supply control on a 100 lb bag but we are doing 45 kgs. That’s not price controlled. I mean they are playing games. Price control is basically on the pound of flour so because of those things that are constantly changing we constantly have to be meeting with them on the negotiations but what we want to do, we are committed to try and keep the bread as low as possible.”