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Bambas Restaurant in Independence Gutted by Fire

 The establishment of a well-known family in Stann Creek went up in flames today a little after ten o’clock this morning. Firefighters in Independence responded to a fire at the location of Hello Bambas Hotel and Bambas Restaurant which is owned by the Zabaneh Family. Our Newsroom spoke with Emilio Zabaneh, who explained that the restaurant portion of the building is destroyed and six of the eighteen hotel rooms were charred. Zabaneh added that a strong bolt of lightning is believed to be the cause of the fire.

Emilio Zabaneh, Brother of Owner, Hotel Hello/Bambas Restaurant: “I ran over and saw the smoke billowing out of one widow that was open because the establishment was closed and immediately we called the fire department to come and they came within minutes. The entire Bambas Restaurant is completely destroyed, that was on the lower flat of the building. We could tell that the fire was really engulfing the bar area of the restaurant and when we out the flames we saw that half of the bar was completely burnt and that the flames went up into the floor of the two middle bedrooms number three and four – the middle ones because there are six rooms upstairs and those are the areas that the floor was completely burnt and you could see through the bedrooms into the restaurant. I’d just like to commend all of the people that responded. We had a lot of help. It seems the fans of the Bambas Football club came out and we were able to really – we decided we had to get as much out as we could and so we had a lot of help from people in the village, the Altitude Football Club players , our workers, the firemen a lot of people showed up there and I guess you know fire calls you people respond to fire and run from rain right ? We have a wonderful set of dedicated firemen who volunteer and employed here and they should up with two fire trucks and even though it was difficult getting into the building when they finally got in they were able to quench the flames pretty quickly and I guess kept the building from being totally engulfed in flames but the damage was done, the restaurant is completely destroyed the building is compromised. All the wood on the floor of all the bedrooms is just charred and it needs to be totally destroyed.”